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P. Mulholland and Watt, S., HANK: A cognitive modelling language for psychology students, presented at the 01/1998, PPIG 1998 - 10th Annual Workshop, 1998.
J. Domingue and Mulholland, P., The Internet Software Visualization Laboratory, presented at the 01/1997, PPIG 1997 - 9th Annual Workshop, 1997.
P. Mulholland and Watt, S., Programming with a purpose: Hank, gardening and schema theory, presented at the 01/1999, PPIG 1999 - 11th Annual Workshop, 1999.
P. Mulholland, Prolog without tears: an evaluation of the effectiveness of a non Byrd Box model for students, presented at the 01/1995, PPIG 1995 - 7th Annual Workshop, 1995.
M. Bellingham, Holland, S., and Mulholland, P., Toward meaningful algorithmic music-making for non-programmers, presented at the 08/2019, PPIG 2019 - 30th Annual Conference, 2019.