What's in the PPIG Library


Type Title Authors PDF
Choosers: The design and evaluation of a visual algorithmic music composition language for non-programmers Matt Bellingham; Simon Holland; Paul Mulholland [PDF]
A Craft Practice of Programming Language Research Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
All recordable human discourse is trapped in aleph-zero Oli Sharpe [PDF]
Crafting Design Documents in First-Year CS Courses Shannon Ernst; Jennifer Parham-Mocello [PDF]
Explicit Direct Instruction in Programming Education Felienne Hermans; Marileen Smit [PDF]
Work in Progress How do people learn to use spreadsheets? Advait Sarkar; Andrew D. Gordon [PDF]
Investigating Conversational Programming for End-Users in Smart Environments through Wizard of Oz Interactions Kate Howland; James Jackson [PDF]
Investigating multimodal affect sensing in an Affective Tutoring System using unobtrusive sensors Hua Leong Fwa; Lindsay Marshall [PDF]
Modeling cognitive processes underlying computer programming Catalin Florian Perticas; Bipin Indurkhya [PDF]
On Continuing Creativity Colin Clark; Sepideh Shahi [PDF]
Phenotropic Programming? Clayton Lewis [PDF]
The Lish: a data model to support analysis by end user programmers Alan Hall [PDF]
What Lies in the Path of the Revolution Antranig Basman [PDF]
Wide, long, or nested data? Reconciling the machine and human viewpoints Alan Hall; Michel Wermelinger; Tony Hirst; Santi Phithakkitnukoon [PDF]
A Systematic Literature Review of Cognitive Dimensions Mohammad Hadhrawi; Alan F. Blackwell; Luke Church [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Applying Asynchronous Gaze Sharing and Social Navigation for Problem Solving Principles in an Programming Environment Fabian Deitelhoff [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Block-based languages for professionals Robert Holwerda [PDF]
Code as Art - Art as Code: On the Use of Poetry and Paintings in Programming Education Felienne Hermans [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Developing a Systematic Approach to Evaluate the Usability of Security APIs Chamila Wijayarathna [PDF]
Digital Makers: Ownership, Personalisation and Purpose Chris Martin; Janet Hughes [PDF]

Journal Articles

Title Authors Year Publisher PDF
Forty years of research on personality in software engineering: A mapping study Shirley Cruz; Fabio Q.B. da Silva; Luiz Fernando Capretz 2015 Elsevier Ltd [PDF]
Bringing the Human Factor to Software Engineering Luiz Fernando Capretz 2014 IEEE [PDF]
Soft Skills and Software Development: A Reflection from Software Industry Faheem Ahmed; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Salah Bouktif; Piers Campbell 2013 AICIT [PDF]
Evaluating the Demand for Soft Skills in Software Development Faheem Ahmed; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Piers Campbell 2012 IEEE Computer Society [PDF]
Evolution of Software Engineers’ Personality Profile Daniel Varona; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Yadenis Pinero; Arif Raza 2012 ACM [PDF]
Soft Skills Requirements in Software Development Jobs: A Cross-Cultural Empirical Study Faheem Ahmed; Luiz Fernando Capretz; Salah Bouktif; Piers Campbell 2012 Emerald Group Publishing Limited [PDF]
Making Sense of Software Development and Personality Types Luiz Fernando Capretz; Faheem Ahmed 2010 IEEE Computer Society [PDF]
Why Do We Need Personality Diversity in Software Engineering? Luiz Fernando Capretz; Faheem Ahmed 2010 ACM [PDF]
Personality Types in Software Engineering Luiz Fernando Capretz 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd [PDF]

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