PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors PDF
An empirical investigation of code completion usage by professional software developers Mariana Mărășoiu; Luke Church; Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Analysing Java Identifier Names in the Wild Simon Butler [PDF]
Confidence, command, complexity: metamodels for structured interaction with machine intelligence Advait Sarkar [PDF]
BU Invited Talk Engineering of Software-based Motivation as a Supplementary Requirement Raian Ali
Evaluation of Mental Workload and Familiarity in Human Computer Interaction with Integrated Development Environments using Single-Channel EEG Shahin Rostami; Alex Shenfield; Stephen Sigurnjak; Oluwatoyin Fakorede [PDF]
Work in Progress Harmonious Authorship from Different Representations Antranig Basman; Colin Clark; Clayton Lewis [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Improving Readability of Automatically Generated Unit Tests Ermira Daka [PDF]
Work in Progress Intuitive NUIs for Speech Editing of Structured Content Marina Isaac; Eckhard Pflugel; Gordon Hunter; James Denholm-Price [PDF]
BU Invited Talk On the Engineering of Addiction-aware Software Raian Ali
Keynote Tales from the Workshops: A sequence of vignettes, episodes, observations, and reflections on many years of trying to teach people programming Russel Winder [PDF]
The construction of knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures by novice learners Sylvia da Rosa [PDF]
Keynote The dream of a lifetime: an opportunity to shape how our children learn computing Simon Peyton Jones [PDF]
The impact of syntax colouring on program comprehension Advait Sarkar [PDF]
The impact of Syntax Highlighting in Sonic Pi Giovanna Maria Dimitri [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Understanding code quality for introductory courses Martijn Stegeman [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium What are the characteristics of programming as a Threshold Concept in different populations (age groups)? Peter Hoskins

PPIG 2014 - 25th Annual Workshop

Type Title Authors PDF
A case of computational thinking: The subtle effect of hidden dependencies on the user experience of version control Luke Church; Emma Soderberg; Elayabharath Elango [PDF]
A cognitive dimensions analysis of interaction design for algorithmic composition software Matt Bellingham; Simon Holland; Paul Mulholland [PDF]
Keynote A Survey of the User Experience of Tools for Programming Real-time Control Systems Logic: An opportunity for applying cognitive dimensions David J. Gilmore
Activation and the Comprehension of Indirect Anaphors in Source Code Sebastian Lohmeier [PDF]
Affective Learning with Online Software Tutors for Programming Amruth Kumar [PDF]
Keynote Beyond Usable Security Robert Biddle
Blinded by their Plight: Tracing and the Preoperational Programmer Donna Teague; Raymond Lister [PDF]
Cognitive Flexibility and Programming Performance Marianne Leinikka; Arto Vihavainen; Jani Lukander; Satu Pakarinen [PDF]
Work in Progress Concept Vocabularies in Programmer Sociolects Jacqueline Rice; Bradley Ellert; Inge Genee; F. Taiani; P. Rayson [PDF]
Developing Coding Schemes for Program Comprehension using Eye Movements Teresa Busjahn; Carsten Schulte; Edna Kropp [PDF]
Educational Programming Languages: The Motivation to Learn with Sonic Pi Arabella Sinclair [PDF]
Evaluation of a Live Visual Constraint Language with Professional Artists Meredydd Williams [PDF]
Exploring Core Cognitive Skills of Computational Thinking Ana Paula Ambrosio; Leandro Da Silva Almeida; Joaquim Macedo; Amanda Franco [PDF]
Exploring Creative Learning for the Internet of Things era Alan F. Blackwell; Samuel Aaron; Rachel Drury [PDF]
Exploring Problem Solving Paths in a Java Programming Course Roya Hosseini; Arto Vihavainen; Peter Brusilovsky [PDF]
Falling Behind Early and Staying Behind When Learning to Program Alireza Ahadi; Raymond Lister; Donna Teague [PDF]
Ghosts of programming past, present and yet to come Russell Boyatt; Megan Beynon; Meurig Beynon [PDF]
Learning Syntax as Notational Expertise when using DrawBridge Alistair G. Stead; Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
Work in Progress Linking Linguistics and Programming: How to start? Jacqueline Rice; Inge Genee; Fariha Naz [PDF]
Work in Progress Nonvisual Visual Programming Clayton Lewis [PDF]
Reasoning about Complexity - Software Models as External Representations Simon Lynch; Joseph Ferguson [PDF]
The Object-Relational impedance mismatch from a cognitive point of view Laura Benvenuti; Gerrit C. van der Veer [PDF]
Keynote The Psychology of PPIG: a curly tale Marian Petre

PPIG Doctoral Consortium 2014

Type Title Authors PDF
Work in Progress Applying Educational Data Mining to the Study of the Novice Programmer, within a Neo-Piagetian Theoretical Perspective Alireza Ahadi [PDF]
Work in Progress Computational Linguistics Vice Versa Sebastian Lohmeier
Work in Progress Google Sheets v Microsoft Excel: A Comparison of the Behaviour and Performance of Spreadsheet Users Karl Mernagh; Kevin McDaid [PDF]
Work in Progress Neo-Piagetian Theory and the Novice Programmer Donna Teague [PDF]
Work in Progress Self-explaining from Videos as a Methodology for Learning Programming Viviane Aureliano [PDF]

PPIG WIP Workshop 2013

Type Title Authors
Work in Progress Analysing the effect of Natural Language Descriptions as a support for novice programmers Edgar Cambranes; Judith Good; Benedict du Boulay
Work in Progress Bringing Hereogeneous Computing to the End User Gordon Inggs
Work in Progress Computer Anxiety and the potential for mitigation Sarah J. Crabbe; Peter Andras
Work in Progress Increasing Student Confidence Throughout the Computer Science Curriculum John Trono
Work in Progress Integrating Connectivist Pedagogy with Context-Aware Interactions for the Interlinked Learning of Debugging and Programming Xiaokun Zhang
Work in Progress Neo-Piagetian Preoperational Reasoning in a Novice Programmer Raymond Lister; Donna Teague