Computer Anxiety and the potential for mitigation

Work in Progress
Sarah J. Crabbe; Peter Andras

This paper sets out the findings and further research about potential links between personality, computer anxiety and the mitigation strategies that can be used to alleviate the level of anxiety felt by an individual. Having found that, while there is a correlation between openness and emotional stability and computer anxiety this is not enough to successfully predict those who would be likely to suffer. Given that a significant minority of people will suffer from computer anxiety at some point and that this is often hidden or ignored, potentially leading to reduced performance or even stress related illness, mitigation of this would seem to be important. The research is investigating the various ways that people like to be supported and seeing if there is a link between this and their personality type.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG WIP Workshop 2013
Publication Year: 2013
Paper #: 1
TitleComputer Anxiety and the potential for mitigation
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsCrabbe, SJ, Andras, P
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