The programming-like-analysis of a innovative media tool

Chris Roast; Elizabeth Uruchurtu; Andy Dearden

This paper describes a case study in which evaluation techniques have been developed and applied to a novel commercially developed tool for supporting efficiency and effectiveness of a digital film production processes. The tool is based upon a familiar concept in digital publishing that of separating style from content, and as such, it represents a challenge for intended end users since it moves them away from traditional working practices and towards programming-like-activity. Two alternative user interfaces have been developed following a commercial development route. Approaches to analyzing the effectiveness of the tool and its interfaces prior to its widespread adoption are described and the conclusions from this analysis are illustrated and discussed.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2011 - 23rd Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2011
Paper #: 3
TitleThe programming-like-analysis of a innovative media tool
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsRoast, C, Uruchurtu, E, Dearden, A
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