Structured Text Modification Using Guided Inference

Luke Church; Alan F. Blackwell

We describe a technique that allows end-users to specify automated transformations of structured text by inferring an underlying model. Inference is achieved with a novel algorithm, Structured Prediction by Partial Match (SPPM), a generalisation of the well-known PPM approach to predictive text entry and compression. We created two simple applications, as examples of "first steps" end-user programming tasks that can be achieved using SPPM. In empirical evaluations, each of these applications proved to be substantially superior to equivalent facilities in leading commercial products.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2008 - 20th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2008
Paper #: 11
TitleStructured Text Modification Using Guided Inference
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsChurch, L, Blackwell, AF
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