Subsetability as a New Cognitive Dimension?

Robert M. Dondero; Susan Wiedenbeck

Subsetability is the ability to decompose programming languages and environments into a hierarchy of subsets, each of which can be used by students to create complete, meaningful computer programs. This paper argues that a programming language/environment's subsetability positively affects its learnability and teachability. The argument is supported by citing relevant theoretical research, little of which is grounded in empirical studies. Then the paper goes on to argue that subsetability may be a new "cognitive dimension of notational systems," as defined by Green and Blackwell. It does so by analyzing subsetability in terms of Blackwell's criteria for dealing with new cognitive dimensions.

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2006 - 18th Annual Workshop
Publication Year: 2006
Paper #: 2
TitleSubsetability as a New Cognitive Dimension?
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsDondero, Jr, RM, Wiedenbeck, S
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