Whither with 'with'? – new prospects for programming

Nicolas Pope; Elizabeth Hudnott; Jonathan Foss; Meurig Beynon

The role that dependency can play in developing programs is a longstanding topic of interest. The idea that spreadsheet principles are the key to new more accessible ways of programming continues to be a focus for current research. This paper further elaborates an idea whose development has been documented in several previous PPIG meetings: that programming can be best understood by construing human and automated agency in observational terms. Its main focus is on illustrating and discussing a new concept: a with-construct that has been introduced in a recently developed environment for making such construals (the ‘MCE’). Preliminary work indicates that introducing this concept has a transformative impact both on the practice of making construals and its relationship to conventional programming. 

Type of Publication: Paper
Conference: PPIG 2016 - 27th Annual Conference
Publication Year: 2016
Paper #: 33
TitleWhither with 'with'? – new prospects for programming
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsPope, N, Hudnott, E, Foss, J, Beynon, M
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