XP and Pair Programming practices

Sallyann Bryant; Benedict du Boulay; Pablo Romero

Over the past ten years or so Extreme Programming has been slowly gaining acceptance as a potentially beneficial software development technique both in the commercial and academic worlds. Here we review the existing literature to attempt to gain insight into the practice of pair programming across both educational and commercial contexts. We begin by considering the pair programming team and the environment in which pairing takes place. We then review a number of studies aimed at measuring the costs and benefits of programming in a pair, particularly in terms of the quality of the software produced. Finally we discuss the potential cognitive benefits of pair programming and consider when and where its use might be most appropriate

Type of Publication: Paper
Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: September 2006 PPIG Newsletter
TitleXP and Pair Programming practices
Publication TypePaper
AuthorsBryant, S, du Boulay, B, Romero, P