Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group newsletter. This issue, possibly the biggest yet, is packed with a varied array (no pun intended) of interesting and informative articles. I hope you like what you find. If you have any comments about the articles found here, or if you would like to contribute something for the next edition, please do get in touch.

Edgar Chaparro writes a review of the last workshop held in Brighton, UK. The workshop was organised by Pablo Romero and his associates at Sussex University. Many thanks are extended to the Sussex team for organising a fun and informative event.

Ruven Brooks and Carl Hardeman both answered the rather vague question 'what do you think should we be looking at?'. Many thanks are extended to Ruven and Carl for their considered replies which will give many of us food for thought.

This issue also contains a review of a particularly interesting book, A Handbook of Mathematical Cognition - the first 'psychology' rather than 'computing' book to be reviewed for some time.

New to this issue is PPIG interview. Many thanks to Professor Jorma Sajaniemi from the University of Joensuu, Finland for agreeing to be interviewed for this edition of the newsletter.

Thanks are also extended to Frank Wales who returns with his light hearted look at the ecclectic and thought provoking.

As mentioned in earlier newsletters we're crying out for book, journal or paper reviews. Remember, please feel free to submit articles at any time. The newsletter is intended to serve you : researchers and practitioners who have an interest in the human aspects of software development and computer programming.

Chris Douce

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