PPIG 2006 Announcement

PPIG Workshop: 

The PPIG 2006 workshop will be co-located with the ACM Symposium on Software Visualization (Softvis 06) and the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing in Brighton, UK. More information about Softvis can be found in the conference and call for papers section of this newsletter.

Aims and Scope

The annual PPIG workshop is a forum in which researchers concerned with cognitive factors in software engineering can present and discuss recent results, findings and developments.

A feature of the PPIG workshops has been their openness to a wide spectrum of concerns related to programming and software engineering, from the design of programming languages to communication issues in software teams, and from computing education to high-performance professional practice.

Similarly, PPIG entertains a broad spectrum of research approaches, from theoretical perspectives drawing on psychological theory to empirical perspectives grounded in real-world experience. PPIG aims to bring together people working in a variety of disciplines and to break down cross-disciplinary barriers.

More information relating to paper submission deadlines will be distributed through the PPIG announce forum. More details will be available in the next newsletter.

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