Welcome to the Spring 2007 edition of the Psychology of Programming Newsletter.

This issue contains some preliminary information about the forthcoming workshop which is to be held in Joensuu, Finland. It also contains a review of the work-in-progress workshop hosted by IRIS, University of Salford. Many thanks to all the participants who wrote about their research in this issue.

A book entitled, Dreaming in Code is reviewed in the book, conference and journal review section. Remember, if you have read anything that you may pique the interest of members of the loose and eclectic PPIG community, please don't hesitate to send those submissions in. The fourth article of this issue briefly considers some of the difficulties of learning a new programming language.

As ever, Ligher Tones contains a mixture of the sane and the silly.

A final question. Would you like the newsletter to change? Would you like it to become more dynamic or just different? Let's discuss this on the mailing list. I look forward to hearing your views.

I hope you enjoy this issue. Looking forward to seeing many you in Finland!

Chris Douce


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