PPIG 2009 Report Extra - Competition Rules... as a limerick!

PPIG Workshop: 

To complement the end results of PPIG Limerick for Limerick competition, I must to share an abridged version of the competition rules.  Many thanks to Dermot Shinners-Kennedy for composing this fine opus.

To participate you must try writing verse for a while 
Adhering to a special type of rhythm and rhyming style 
Because of these tricks 
The verses are called limericks 
And really good ones can make people break into a smile

The PPIG community has people with all sorts of degrees 
And maybe some of them can pen limericks with ease 
But by way of example 
We offer this little sample 
As a guide, or for some maybe a tease

Technically speaking these sample verses are not right 
They rhyme correct but have rhythm errors that are slight 
So write just for fun 
Five rhyming lines of pun 
And we promise to keep verse-pedants well out of sight

It would be great if from every attendee 
We received works we could call literary 
So we invite you to submit 
Stylish verses with some wit 
About the 21st psychology of programming jamboree

To “PPIG things” the verse should try to make reference 
Well to begin with that is definitely our preference 
But we will not inhibit 
A literary exhibit 
Which to our guidelines shows a degree of indifference

For example, when listening to an inspired paper or keynote 
It may trigger recollection of an amusing anecdote 
Just jot down five lines 
With appropriate rhymes 
If people like it you have our permission to gloat

Or maybe you are a conference paper presenter 
With the insight of a creative inventor 
In your presentation implant 
A rhyming five-line rant 
That encapsulates what your presentation has as its centre

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit 
But try to keep them all amusing and if possible literate 
For tenure they won’t count 
But depending on the amount 
You may discover you have a compulsive verse writing habit

Rewarding the best entries is a problem that arises 
And for this the conference organisers are offering two prizes 
One for verse in presentations 
The other for gestalt observations 
The best wordsmiths can look forward to some little surprises

It’s the judge’s decision that will finally end it 
And unfortunately some entrants may be offended 
If you need to whinge or moan 
Please try to do it when alone 
Because we want to make sure the prize-winners feel totally splendid

So whilst in Limerick indulging your favourite research antic 
Having travelled across or towards the Atlantic 
Use all your common sense 
Exploit real or artificial intelligence 
And let’s make the number of verse submissions absolutely gigantic

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