EMIP 2019

25-31 May 2019

Eye Movements in Programming

Workshop Overview

Studying eye gaze data has great potential for research in computer programming, computing education, and software engineering practice. The Sixth International Workshop on Eye Movements in Programming (EMIP 2019) will focus on advancing the methodological, theoretical, and applied aspects of eye movements in programming. In previous editions of this workshop, we focused on understanding expert and novice source code reading behaviors and building models to interpret data, and we launched the first distributed data collection in this discipline. By analyzing the pre-shared datasets and discussing bottom-up data-to-models approaches, the workshop produced new methods, tools, and understanding of source code reading gaze patterns.

The goal of the workshop is to advance the methodology of using eye gaze tracking for programming, both theoretically and in applications. What can gaze behavior tell us about cognitive processes during programming? How can eye tracking help us to understand the role of human factors in software engineering?