PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop

PPIG 2015: Work in Progress meeting

By Chris Douce

Day 1

On 8 January 2015 I went to a mini-workshop: the Psychology of Programming Interest Group (PPIG) Work in Progress meeting. I've had an affiliation with PPIG for what must be at least fifteen years and I try to visit their meetings whenever I can. In some sense, returning to the PPIG meetings is like returning to a comfortable academic home: you regain enthusiasm for the research interests that you once held (and have an opportunity to say hello some familiar faces too).

PPIG 2015 Photos

Photos from the 26th PPIG Workshop by Paola Kathuria.

PPIG 2015 Photos

PPIG 2015 Contest Winners

Every year, there are announced and unannounced contests at PPIG workshops.

Announced contests

1) Use any of the following in your presentaton or question during the workshop. These are all related to Bournmouth.

  • balloon
  • zipwire
  • cherries

2) Come up with a meaning of manual_lazy_haves as a variable name. (This came up in a presentation during the workshop about variable naming schemes.)

Harmonious Authorship from Different Representations

A. Basman, Clark, C., and Lewis, C., Harmonious Authorship from Different Representations, presented at the 07/2015, PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop, 2015.
PPIG Workshop: 
programming economy
individual differences
(all) cognitive dimensions
data flow
visual languages


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