PPIG 1994 - 6th Annual Workshop

6 Jan 1994 to 8 Jan 1994
The Open University, Milton Keynes

Workshop papers

Title Authors PDF
A Descriptive Model of Communication Among Developers Diane Sonnenwald
An Experimental Evaluation of Different Proposals for Teaching Prolog Mike Brayshaw; Helen Pain; Paul Brna; Andrew Bowles; Dave Robertson [PDF]
An Exploration of the Difficulties of Learning Abstract Data Types and Structural Induction Judith Segal
Ceilidh David J. Gilmore
Cognitive and Organisational Issues in Programming in the Large: Preliminary Findings from a Case Study Patrick Waterson; Chris Clegg [PDF]
Computer Programming for Noughts and Crosses: New Frontiers Meurig Beynon; M. S. Joy [PDF]
Empirical Studies of Object-Oriented Approaches to Design and Analysis Gary Olson
Learning Computer Programming: The Effects of Collaborative Explanations and Metacognition on Skill Acquisition Katherine Bielaczyc [PDF]
Moilère: A Visual Programming Environment Based on a Theatre Metaphor Isabelle Borne [PDF]
On Debugging Marc Eisenstadt
Programming by Paradigm Transfer Roger G. Stone
Prolog Unification: Diverse Teaching Strategies for Novices Judith Good
Prolog Unification: Diverse Teaching Strategies for Novices Judith Good
Teaching Computer Science at the OU Simon Holland
The Effect of Graphical and Textual Visualisation on the Comprehension of Prolog Execution by Novices: An Empirical Analysis Paul Mulholland
The Relationship Between Barriers to Learning by Exploration and Errors Made by Experts Peter Poulson
Towards an Experiential Description of Programming and Learning to Program Shirley Booth [PDF]
User Studies for Toolkit Development in Virtual Reality Christina Vasilakis
Who Really Needs to Program Today? Pamela O'Shea