PPIG 1995 - 7th Annual Workshop

4 Jan 1995 to 6 Jan 1995
University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors PDF
A model of programming Lindsey Ford [PDF]
A pilot study on novice Pascal programmers on vocational courses in further education in Northern Ireland Linda Carswell [PDF]
An investigation into strategies employed in solving a programming task using Prolog Jawed Siddiqi; Babak Khazaei; Rick Osborn; C Roast [PDF]
Comparing program comprehension in different cultures and different representations Marian Petre; Blaine Price; V. Fix; Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck; Igor Netesin; Sergey Yershov [PDF]
Control strategies used by expert program designers Steve Lang; Tom Ormerod [PDF]
Courseware design support Robin Johnson [PDF]
Do diagrams make us smart(ER)? Judith Good; Paul Brna; R Cox [PDF]
Documentation skills in novice and expert programmers: an empirical comparison Jean-Francois Rouet; Catherine Deleuze-Dordron; Andre Bisseret [PDF]
Keynote Facilitating the acquisition of mental models of programming with GIL: an integrated planning and debugging learning environment Brian Reiser [PDF]
Forms/3, a declarative graphical language Margaret Burnett [PDF]
Knowledge exploration in design: communicating across boundaries Diane Sonnenwald [PDF]
Learning graphical programming: an evaluation of KidSim David J. Gilmore; Karen Pheasey; Jean Underwood; Geoffrey Underwood [PDF]
MADLab: masking and multiple bug diagnosis Allan Scott [PDF]
Maintenance of object-oriented systems: an empirical analysis of the performance and strategies of programmers new to object-oriented techniques Jos van Hillegersberg; K. Kumar; R J. Welke [PDF]
Mental representation and computer use José J. Cañas; Maria Teresa Bajo; Raquel Varro; Pilar Gonzalvo [PDF]
Prolog without tears: an evaluation of the effectiveness of a non Byrd Box model for students Paul Mulholland [PDF]
Psychology of programming in the former Soviet Union Igor Netesin
Software Design using GOOSE David Budgen; Mitch Thomson [PDF]
The evaluation of TED, a techniques editor for Prolog programming Tom Ormerod; Linden Ball [PDF]
Transforming verbal descriptions into mathematical formulas in spreadsheet calculation Pertti Saarilouma; Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
Keynote Using episodic knowledge in design Willemien Visser [PDF]
Validating knowledge based systems with software visualization technology John Domingue [PDF]