PPIG 2011 - 23rd Annual Workshop

6 Sep 2011 to 8 Sep 2011
University of York

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors PDF
A case study on the usability of NXT-G programming language Khuong A. Nguyen [PDF]
An empirical study of the influence of OCL on early learners Babak Khazaei [PDF]
Automatic algorithm recognition based on programming schemas Ahmad Taherkhani [PDF]
Short Paper Class participation and shyness: affect and learning to program Jon Rimmer; Judith Good; Eric Harris; Madeline Balaam [PDF]
Evaluation of multimedia stream processing modeling language from the perspective of cognitive dimensions Anna E. Bobkowska; Michal Nykiel; Jerzy Proficz [PDF]
Short Paper Investigation of qualitative human oracle costs Sheeva Afshan; Phil McMinn [PDF]
Measurement and visualisation of software timing properties Nicholas Merriam; Andrew Howes [PDF]
On the cognitive foundations of modularity Miguel P. Monteiro [PDF]
Short Paper Origins of poor code readability Arun Saha [PDF]
Programming with the user in mind Giora Alexandron; Michal Armoni; David Harel [PDF]
Robot dance: edutainment or engaging learning Chris Martin; Janet Hughes [PDF]
Self-Reporting emotional experiences in computing lab sessions: an emotional regulation perspective Judith Good; Jon Rimmer; Eric Harris; Madeline Balaam [PDF]
Study attitudes and behaviour of CS1 students – two realities Ana Paula Ambrosio; Scheila W. Martins [PDF]
Short Paper The cognitive dimensions questionnaire: adapting for non-expert users Maria Kutar; John Muirhead; Gordon Fletcher [PDF]
The influence of class structure on program comprehension Ahmed Alardawi; Babak Khazaei; Jawed Siddiqi [PDF]
The programming-like-analysis of a innovative media tool Chris Roast; Elizabeth Uruchurtu; Andy Dearden [PDF]
Short Paper Understanding program complexity: an approach for study Chris R. Douce; Szonya Durant [PDF]
Short Paper Useful but tedious: An evaluation of mobile spreadsheets Derek Flood; Rachel Harrison; Ann Nosseir [PDF]
User configurable machine vision for mobiles Alistair G. Stead [PDF]
Using formal logic to define the grammar for memory transfer language (MTL) on the mould of register transfer language (RTL) and high level languages Leonard J. Mselle [PDF]
What makes software engineers go that extra mile? Rien Sach; H. Sharp; Marian Petre [PDF]
Why PPIG matters beyond the P Luke Church [PDF]