Student Workshop 1996 Report & Photos

Student Workshop
7-29 September 1996
Loughborough University, UK

By Mark Ireland

The Workshop was held at Matlock Youth Hostel Training Centre.


Here we were, hard at work...
We took time out on Saturday afternoon to explore the caves at Matlock Bath, but first we had to brave...
the cable car!
We scrambled the rest of the way to the summit ... get a view of the rainclouds which would soak us that evening...
... and point (with intent to embarrass) at the poor workshop organiser!
We finally made it to the caves ...
... but those unfortunate enough to make it out again became victims of the mad snapper!

A final word from the organiser...

The workshop was a great success, with everyone finding it intellectually stimulating and, as the photographs show, good fun too! The paper sessions were an ideal opportunity for some people to present their work for the first time, and for everyone they were a chance to get some good feedback. The small size of the workshop meant that everyone took part in the many discussions, which continued into and well past most mealtimes!

I would like to thank everyone who took part, making the workshop a possibility in the first place. I am particularly grateful to those who played a special part in the workshop. I hope that there will be more PPIG student workshops in the future!

Mark Ireland

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