GPT's Preparation of Students for Proerammine in the Real World
R.J. Dawson, R.W. Newsham, R.S. Kerridge
Abstract: For some years GEC-Plessey Telecommunications has run courses for new software engineering graduates to introduce them to the real life problems of programming in the real world. For two weeks the graduates work in groups on software project with each group in competition with the others. The course leader undertakes role play to give the groups experience of the customer, manager, technical consultant and quality auditor personnel. A few "dirty tricks" help to simulate the real world environment A "wash-up" session at the end reviews the lessons learned. The course is found to have advantages over corresponding undergraduate courses as the restricted hours and full supervision tend to highlight the problems that occur and ensure the lessons of the course are more effectively learned. It is concluded that benefits of realism and awareness gained by the graduates will mean the GPT course will continue to be a worthwhile course valued by company managers, and that other companies may find it useful to incorporate such a course into their own training programmes.