PPIG 2001 - 13th Annual Workshop
Evaluation of the Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire and Some Thoughts about the Cognitive Dimensions of Spreadsheet Calculation
Markku Tukiainen
Abstract: The Cognitive Dimensions of Notations framework (CDs) in the form of questionnaire has been used for evaluating the usability of different programming tools and systems (Kadoda et al. 1999, Cox 2000, Kadoda 2000). Green and Blackwell (2000) continued on this road by developing a CDs questionnaire that presented all the CDs in general terms. We adopted their questionnaire, translated it into Finnish and administered it to ten spreadsheet users in order to evaluate the general CDs questionnaire approach and to find out the usability problems in spreadsheet systems. Overall, the most of the Cognitive Dimensions were interpreted quite easily but some were more difficult than others. We also give some results concerning the Cognitive Dimensions of spreadsheet calculation.