PPIG 2005 - 17th Annual Workshop
The Influence of Intra-Team Relationships on the Systems Development Process: A Theoretical Framework of Intra-Group Dynamics
C.C.H. Rosen
Abstract: Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of developing software systems is something like the search for the Holy Grail. Tools have been developed, processes and procedures proposed, environments created. These have unquestionably improved the production process. Yet the aspiration of producing reliably, high quality systems on time and to budget is yet to be achieved. The reasons for this are well known. System development is a sociotechnological process. Unless human factors are taken into account, in particular, interpersonal relationships that affect the operation of the process, a vital component is being overlooked. Remarkably, little is known about this process.
This paper reports case study findings examining the social-dynamic factors that affect the software development process. It proposes that a systems development environment must be understood as a dynamic system which intricately interconnects personal, interpersonal and intra-group factors. These factors can be observed using a framework of six interdependent, orthogonal polarities of intra-group dynamics. Interventions in the system can be assessed according to how they affect the balance between polarities.