PPIG 2006 - 18th Annual Workshop
Initial Experiences of Using Grounded Theory Research in Computer Programming Education
Enda Dunican
Abstract: This paper presents to the reader the issues encountered to date1 on a grounded theory study conducted in the area of computer programming education. In this regard, it presents a list of factors namely, underlying issues, methodological clarity and context that are viewed as critical considerations whilst undertaking qualitative research. Furthermore, each of these factors are discussed in detail in terms of how they impinged on the research conducted thus far . This discussion not only highlights the extent to which they impinge on the research but will also show that they are interlinked. Finally, given the many overlaps between grounded theory and other qualitative research methods, it will be suggested that the factors uncovered in this research may be applicable to other qualitative methods and it is hoped that these may be helpful for prospective qualitative researchers embarking on similar types of projects.