Student attitude towards automatic and manual exercise and evaluation systems
Teemu Tokola, Rauli Puuperä, Kreetta Askola, Teiju Hietikko, Juha Röning
Abstract: Automated teaching aids have become widespread during the last few years also in the universities in Finland. Studies have been made on the impact of these systems on the teaching results, and results have generally been encouraging. In this research the general attitudes of students towards automated learning environments and automated assessment are evaluated by surveys made to the participants of two courses in which automated systems have been recently adopted.
The research shows that automated systems are in general trusted and preferred by the students. Independent of their own success, students consider automated systems to be more professional and to treat the students equally. However, the students did not endorse the adoption of automated systems without reservations: developers and teachers need to remember the importance of human interaction and to spend appropriate effort in evaluating the need for and the quality of automated systems instead of adopting them without reservations.