PPIG 2008 - 20th Annual Workshop
Integrating Extreme Programming and User-Centered Design
Zahid Hussain, Martin Lechner, Harald Milchrahm, Sara Shahzad, Wolfgang Slany, Martin Umgeher, Peter Wolkerstorfer
Abstract: The success of a software development project is associated not only with tools and technologies, but it also depends on how much the development process helps to be user-centered and developer-oriented. Involving customers in the process and being people-oriented, Extreme Programming (XP)– One of the popular agile methods – can be a choice for developing a usable system. The project under study is a multimedia streaming application for mobile phones that allows to make content-based search for audio and video content in large databases and play it on a mobile phone virtually anywhere, at any time. Our approach to application development focuses on the adoption of XP and User-Centered Design (UCD), emphasizing iterative user-interface development involving usability engineers and end-users.
The paper describes the process of integrating XP with user-centered design and shows how an agile development technique facilitates to be user-oriented and at the same time preserves the social values of the development team.