PPIG 2011 - 23rd Annual Workshop
The Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire: Adapting for Non-Expert Users (Work-in-Progress)
Maria Kutar, John Muirhead, Gordon Fletcher
Abstract: The Cognitive Dimensions Framework provides an accessible route to understanding the properties of information structures which may facilitate or hinder their usage. In this paper we report on the adaptation of the Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire to assist with the evaluation of The POS Store, a software system. Although a Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire has previously been developed to facilitate use of the framework, and has been used in the evaluation of a number of systems, it was felt that the user group in question would be more likely to provide meaningful data on The POS Store if it were adapted to aim it towards the specific system under evaluation. We outline the motivation for the changes, together with a summary of changes made, and discuss the potential implications of adapting the questionnaire in this way.