PPIG 2016 - 27th Annual Workshop
Brain Type as a Programming Aptitude Predictor
Melanie Coles, Keith Phalp
Abstract: This study investigates the effect of brain type (SQ minus EQ or E-S Theory) on first year students’ results of learning computer programming. It is anecdotally believed that a relatively high proportion of Computing students have high Systematizing (S) but lower Empathizing (E) personality factors and that this may be a contributing factor in student choice of subject, learning styles, and aptitude for learning to program. Two years of data are reported here, with EQ and SQ-R questionnaires being completed before any first year undergraduate teaching. The brain type of each student is calculated and compared to their final programming unit performance. There is some evidence that choice of degree subject may be related to brain type, but no evidence is found of a correlation between a male brain type (Type S or Extreme Type S) and programming aptitude.