PPIG 2017 - 28th Annual Workshop
Sprego, End-user Programming in Spreadsheets
Maria Csernoch, Piroska Biro
Abstract: The non-acceptance of end-user computing, especially end-user programming leads to misconceptions and consequently to the underdevelopment of the wide public in computer-supported problem solving. To find methods in connection with end-user computing, the available sources and their application and usage had to be analysed, from which a selection is presented in this paper. On the contrary to the surface navigation approaches, we provide the essence of Sprego programming, which is a high mathability, computer-supported real world problem solving approach in spreadsheet environments, along with its theoretical background and tools. Sprego heavily relies on the previously published results which proved that functional languages serve novice programmers better than imperative languages, the functional data flow modelling, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge in spreadsheets, the functional language built into spreadsheets, and their simple interface which lessens the coding burden. We have found and proved that Sprego is an effective programming approach in end-user computing and beyond that it supports knowledge transfer between the subfields of computers sciences and other traditional sciences.