PPIG 2020 - 31st Annual Workshop
An Analysis of Student Preferences for Inverted vs Traditional Lecture
Brian Harrington, Mohamed Moustafa, Jingyiran Li, Marzieh Ahmadzdeh, Nick Cheng
Abstract: The benefits of inverted lectures are well documented, including improved retention and a focus on active, student-directed learning. However, not all students prefer the inverted lecture model. In this study, we provided students with both inverted and traditional lectures in the same introductory CS course. Students were asked to attend both styles of lecture, and at the end of the course, they were asked to compare the lectures to each other as well as to other course components such as assignments and readings. Analyzing the responses of 243 students, we found no obvious preference trend with respect to grades. However, we did find a preference for traditional lectures among international students, as well as a very strong preference for inverted lectures among female students.