PPIG 2021 - 32nd Annual Workshop
A principled approach to the development of drum improvisation skills through interaction with a conversational agent: A design study with professional drummers
Noam Lederman, Simon Holland, Paul Mulholland
Abstract: This research aims to design a conversational agent that can assist drummers to develop their original voice on the drum kit. Trading rhythmic phrases with another drummer is one way to explore creativity in drum vocabulary. However, in practice drummers have limited opportunities to play with other drummers, and in live work vernacular music drummers largely focus on providing a solid groove for their band members, rather than practicing drum conversational skills. In this paper we initially provide a brief outline of the developmental steps that led to our principled approach, the principles behind them and related work. We then describe a design study in which seven professional drummers participated in three types of conversational task. The conversational form of interaction was found to be engaging and beneficial by the participants. The findings will inform the design of a software agent for conversational drumming.