PPIG 1990 - 2nd Annual Workshop 4 - 6 January 1990, Wolverhampton Polytechnic, UK

Thu, 4 Jan

  • Introduction
    Tom Ormerod
    Loughborough University, UK

  1. Programming and Design
    John Sumiga
    University of Wolverhampton, UK


  • After Dinner Address
    Thomas Green
    MRC, APU, Cambridge, UK

Fri, 5 Jan

  1. Empirical Studies of Parallel Problem Solving
    Lisa Neale and David Littman
    Harvard University, USA

  2. Empirical Study of Design in an Object-Oriented Environment
    Françoise Détienne
    INRIA, France

  3. Redesigning Object-Oriented Programming Languages
    Rachel Belamy
    MRC, APU, Cambridge, UK

  4. HICOM
    Nick Rousseau
    Loughborough University, UK

Pub Lunch - The Dry Dock, Netherton

Guided tour - Black Country Museum, Dudley


  • The Relevance of Psychology of Programming Research to Software Engineering Practice
    Panel Session

Sat, 6 Jan

  1. What are the ‘Carry Over Effects’ in changing from a Procedural to a Declarative Approach?
    Jawed Siddiqi
    Sheffield Polytechnic, UK
    Babak Khazaei
    Wolverhampton Polytechnic, UK

  2. Using Systematic Errors to Investigate the Developing Knowledge of Programming Language Learners
    Judith Segal, Khurshid Ahmad and Margaret Rogers
    University of Surrey, UK

  3. Models of Debugging
    David Gilmore
    University of Nottingham, UK

  4. Opportunistic Planning in the Specification Stage of Design
    Willemien Visser
    INRIA, France


  • PPIG Meeting

  • General Discussion