PPIG 1995 - 7th Annual Workshop 4 - 6 January 1995, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

PPIG Workshop: 4-6 January 1995

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

The annual PPIG workshop is an opportunity for researchers from both academia and industry to meet to discuss current ideas, research, techniques, and tools in the psychology of software engineering. The workshop format will be tailored according to the submissions but is likely to include paper presentations, discussion sessions, demonstrations, and posters, as well as ample time for informal discussion. Speakers have been invited from North America and France. The programme will be announced in December.

Topics discussed in previous workshops have included: empirical studies of novice and expert programmers, collaborative software development, graphical notations and environments, teaching and learning programming, errors, debugging, tracers and visualization, mental models, parallelism, programming paradigms, display-based reasoning, software design methodologies, programming environments and support tools, organizational issues, formal reasoning, specification. Still room for more!

Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 40 delegates and is not restricted to PPIG members.

Organizers: Ben du Boulay (Sussex) Thomas Green (MRC APU) Helen Pain (Edinburgh) (local organizer)

Venue: Meetings will take place in the Dept of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh. For those who don’t know it, Edinburgh is justifiably renowned for its beautiful buildings, its winding hilly streets, its romantic past, its many tourist shops, its even many-er bars, and of course its contributions to the sciences and the arts. PPIG will be right at home.

Deadlines: 1 Nov 94 - papers (extended abstract or full paper) 1 Nov 94 - discussion or panel proposals 1 Nov 94 - demonstrations and posters

Please include complete contact information and specify A/V requirements.

Submissions to: Thomas Green MRC Applied Psychology Unit 15 Chaucer Rd Cambridge CB2 2EF, U.K.

Registration and Accommodation:

Accommodation will be in hotels. We hope to obtain preferential rates at one or two local, mid-range hotels; delegates will be responsible for making their own bookings, either at these or elsewhere. Details obtainable on request/registration.

Registration and enquiries to: Dr Helen Pain Department of Artificial Intelligence University of Edinburgh 80 South Bridge Edinburgh, EH2 1HN

NB: to assist in obtaining preferential rates, please contact Helen Pain.