PPIG 2003 - 15th Annual Workshop 8 - 10 Apr 2003, Keele University, UK

Tue, 8 April

Opening Keynote

Anthony Finkelstein
INRIA-Rocquencourt, France

Joint Session with EASE

  • Are Reviews an alternative to pair programming?
    M. Mueller

  • An ethnography of XP practice
    H. Sharp & H. Robinson

Coffee Break

Professional Practice Chair: Maria Kutar

Software Effort Estimation: unstructured group discussion as a method to reduce individual - biasis
M. Jørgensen & Kjetil Moløkkeni

  • Tensions in the adoption and evolution of software quality management systems
    H. Sharp, F. Hovenden & M.Woodman

  • Characterising software comprehension for programmers in practice
    J. Buckley

Expert Discussion Chair: Thomas Green

How much is theory ever going to contribute to learning and practice?

Wed, 9 April


Chris Hundhausen
University of Hawaii


  • Towards authentic measures of program comprehension
    J. Good & P. Brna

  • Employing protocol analysis to study use of software documentation
    S. Owen, D. Budgen, & O.P. Brereton

Coffee Break

CS Education

  • Little Languages for Little Robots
    M.Jadud, B Chenoweth & J.Scheleter

  • A development study of cogntive problems in learning to program
    R. Tucker

  • Applying Cognitive load theory to computer science education
    D. Shaffer, W. Doube & J. Tuovinen

  • First results of an experiment on using roles of variables in teaching
    M. Kuittinen & J. Sajaniemi


Joint Panel Session with EASE Chair: Alan Blackwell

Why/how should we have psychological/empirical assessment/interest in programming/engineering?

Coffee Break

Cognitive Dimensions

  • Using the cognitive dimensions framework to measure the usability of a class library
    S. Clarke & C.Becker

  • Cognitive Dimensions questionnaire applied to visual languages evaluation – a case study
    A. Bobkowska

  • Using cognitive dimensions to compare prototyping techniques
    A.Dearden, J. Siddiqi & A. Naghsh

  • Cognitive Dimensions of tangible programming techniques
    Alan F. Blackwell

Thu, 10 April


  • Investigating the influence of structure of user performance with UML interaction diagrams
    M. Kutar, C. Britton, T. Barker & J. Swan

  • Java Debugging strategies in multi-representational environments
    P. Romero, B. du Boulay, R Cox & C. Exton

  • Does the empirical evidence support visualisation?
    K. Cox & K. Phalp

  • Team coordination through externalised mental imagery
    Marian Petre

Coffee Break

Joint Session with EASE

Some parallels between empirical software engineering and research in human computer interaction
Judith Segal

Closing Keynote

Keith Stenning
University of Edinburgh