PPIG WIP 2004 - 2nd Work-in-Progress Workshop - Unroll Your Ideas 15 - 16 Dec 2004, University of Nottingham, UK

Unroll Your Ideas: a work-in-progress meeting of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group

16-17 December 2004
University of Nottingham, UK

PPIG aims to bring together people working in a variety of disciplines and to break down cross-disciplinary barriers.

Despite its name PPIG entertains a broad spectrum of research approaches, from theoretical perspectives drawing on psychological theory to empirical perspectives grounded in real-world experience, and is equally concerned with all aspects of programming and software engineering, from the design of programming languages to communication issues in software teams, and from computing education to high-performance professional practice.

Besides an annual workshop series, PPIG also organises occasional meetings such as this one.


This informal workshop is intended to foster exchange of ideas and constructive suggestions for research in progress. Doctoral students and more experienced researchers will be equally welcome. The intention (depending on submissions) is to use mornings for short presentations and afternoons for discussion.

In order to allow ample discussion in round-table style, numbers will be limited.


Intending participants are requested to notify their intention as soon as possible, preferably by supplying a short (half-page) abstract, to be followed by an extended abstract of 2-4 pages.

The extended abstract should be submitted by 1 November to allow time for review - we shall aim to be inclusive but we may have to limit numbers of acceptances. Accepted abstracts will be posted on the web in advance of the meeting to allow participants to read and reflect on them.

Technical Committee

Maria Kutar, University of Salford
Thomas Green, University of Leeds
Marian Petre, Open University

Organising Committee

Marjahan Begum (workshop chair)
Thomas Green