PPIG 2021 - 32nd Annual Workshop 21 - 25 June 2021, online

PPIG 2021 Main Competition

Everyone is invited to make a comic, a cartoon, a very short video, or a mashup of some kind. Points for humour, unexpectedness, topicality etc. The idea is to draw on the slides used in the presentations for the major art of the graphics, although obviously you are allowed to decorate, distort, and demolish them – politely. Themes might be (parodies welcome) – these or any other you think of

  • a fragment of a Greek tragedy or Disney movie
  • a moment from Shakespeare, or anyone else, including well-known films
  • a memorable event
  • lyrics for a song (and you can sing it too if you like)
  • a day (well, a short period) in the life of … a starfish? a politician? a software engineer? a musician?
  • a scene from Alternative Literature – as defined by you
  • a comment on one of the papers


All speakers are requested (or anyway, encouraged) to put copies of their slides into this Google Drive folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H6rZl8yYOM5mo_2_KItUmaR_jDorjA_k . Please do it as soon as possible, so that competitors have material to work with. (You’ll have to sign into your Google account – if that’s not on, please send them to Luke Church at luke@church.name and he’ll put them into the folder for you.)

Submitting your entry

Please submit it by putting a copy in this second Google Drive folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kLCwxTNizUpa19Su0slGjCWS3jJ1UFDg . If you make a video, please use one of the more accustomed formats – or save it YouTube and send a link. Don’t forget to include your name or other identifier. (As above: if you have problems, send instead to Luke luke@church.name.)

JUDGING WILL PROBABLY BE LATE ON THURSDAY so please get your entry (-ies) in in good time.


Let’s have some public voting. Everyone is invited to view the entries in the second Google Drive folder and rate them. Please give points out of 10 for each entry you wish to judge (10 good, 0 less good) and email the list to Alan Blackwell afb21@cam.ac.uk by Thursday 2:00pm BST.

The prize committee (led by Alan Blackwell) will also view the entries and form their conclusions based on their own opinion and public voting.

Other competitions

Games we don’t know we’re playing

Everyone is invited to nominate for announced and new prizes by filling in the form at https://forms.gle/gvknCKXeQvqZCU2K8:

  • Best background
  • Best cameo
  • Farthest (academic) distance
  • Other …

Please also aim to submit your nominations via the form by by Thursday 2:00pm BST.

World’s most arrogant error messages

Have you come across an arrogant error message recently? One that made you feel discouraged, and might even be considered a bit rude? Judith is collecting them, and you can share them via this form. There may even be prizes (of some sort!)