PPIG 2021 - 32nd Annual Workshop 21 - 25 June 2021, online

All participants are invited to write a short computer-based game on Tuesday ‘virtual evening’, and then to tell us about their experiences the following day. This is certainly not obligatory but we think it might be both fun and informative – who could want more?

You can do this working solo, or you can work in small groups. The technology etc. for the groups version is even now being carved out – further details will be announced.

What kind of game? and with what software? Probably the simplest way to express your fun and creativity would be write a short piece of interactive fiction (IF). IF is what text adventures used to be, but there are more possibilities than caves and treasure: how about A Day in the Life of an Electron, or …? If you choose this route then, unless you are already familiar with one of the various IF authoring systems, we strongly recommend using Twine, which is super-fast to get into. Instructions are here.

If your bent is towards the visual rather than the verbal, how about AgentSheets, now known as AgentCubes? A very rich website will tell you all need (https://agentsheets.com/getting-started). After your not-too-frustrating Tuesday ’evening’, the current plan is that you should give a thumbnail account of how it was for you on Wednesday ’evening’. If it turns out that two ’evenings’ are needed to complete your version of War and Peace, the feedback evening might be moved to Thursday.