PPIG 2001 - 13th Annual Workshop 17 - 20 Apr 2001, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK

By Chris Douce, Paola Kathuria & Frank Wales

Walking along the blustery Bournemouth beach we found ourselves in our luxury hotel, where we were free to enjoy its extensive facilities..

Some facilities were used more …

… than others.
where old friends got to meet and …
… discuss many interesting (and important!) issues.
Soon, introductions were made …
… and the presentations commenced, …
… where many interesting points were made, followed by questions from the audience.

After a few more presentations, …
… on various topics, …
… our Chair appeared to become more and more eager …
… for food.
A nourishment break was taken, where we could all talk come more.
After several more sessions, …
… by a number of distinguished researchers, …
… the evening party commences …
… where dancing and music was to be enjoyed.

The following evening, some of us participated in a quiz, …
… where it was not only the questions that were surprising!
Rivalry was intense, …
… but there was only one winning team.
We agree! A successful workshop!
But all good things have to come to an end, we say. As we pack up our things …
… and head for home, …
… the Brunel can be seen in the distance.

Text by Chris Douce.
Photos by Paola Kathuria & Frank Wales.

More photos

Richard Wynne - Head of the School of Design, Engineering and Computing - welcomes PPIG to Bournemouth University.
Liam Bannon, invited speaker.
Carine Paine next to Kit Logan
Kit Logan
Robert Gittins
Marian Petre on the discussion panel.
Rob Hague
Roger Stone
Gary Olson, invited speaker
Chris Douce
Jun Yang
Jarinee Chattratichart
Dan Diaper considers decaf for the next break.
Christian Holmboe
Linda McIver
Linda McIver
Modechai Ben-Ari
Orit Hazzan
Maria Kutar
Markku Tukiainen
Markku Tukiainen, man of action.
Steven Clarke
Babak Khazaei
Colin Snook
Quiz players, including Chris Douce and Michael O’Brien.
Dalit Levy and Thomas Green
Frank Wales wonder why his frantic writing doesn’t make any marks on the paper.
Judith Segal and Markku Tukiainen
PPIG play: Spot the Representation
Chris Douce (left) receiving a prize from Frank Wales
Markku Tukiainen receiving a prize from Frank Wales