PPIG WIP 2007 - 4th Work-in-Progress Workshop 4 - 5 Jan 2007, Informatics Research Institute, University of Salford, UK

Day One

Session 1: Meta-Design

Usable Morality – A Challenge for End User Security
Luke Church and Alan F. Blackwell (University of Cambridge)

Policy Languages: For the Modern World or for an Alternate Universe
Moritz Becker (Microsoft) and Vicky Weissman (Cornell University)

Session 2: Design Practice

Connecting Programming with Accessibility
Chris Douce (Open)

Agile Narratives: Conversational Storytelling Across Agile Systems Development Practices
Johanna Hunt (University of Sussex)

Developers Anticipating Users’ Behavior During Design
Cordula Krinner (Technische Universität Berlin)


Day Two

Why learn to program anyway?
Invited Talk: Dr Judith Good (University of Sussex)

Session 3: User Practice

Sensemaking in web-based learning
Ann Abraham (Open University)

Prototyping a user-interface design: the importance of tapping user knowledge
Nawal Alshebel and Thomas Green (University of Leeds)

An Empirical Study of End-User Behaviour in Spreadsheet Debugging
Brian Bishop and Kevin McDaid (Dundalk Institute of Technology)

Custom And Packaged Software Convergence
Ian Entwistle (University of Salford)

Session 4: Cognitive Dimensions and Computer Science Education

Can Cognitive Dimensions Predict User Trust?
Jiten Makan (University of Salford)

Tradeoffs in Future Proofing Notations
Luke Church (University of Cambridge)

Conceptions of Object-Oriented Terms
Morten Lindholm (University of Aarhus, Denmark)

Coffee and Closing Discussion