PPIG 2010 - 22nd Annual Workshop 19 Sep - 21 Sep 2010, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain

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  • Gender HCI and Programming Margaret Burnett Oregon State University

Usability Issues in Programming Languages and Tools

  • Liveness in Notation Use: From Music to Programming Luke Church, Chris Nash, and Alan F. Blackwell Cambridge University
  • Usability Requirements of User Interface Tools Catherine Letondal, Stéphane Chatty, W. Greg Phillips, Fabien André and Stéphane Conversy
  • A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective on Memory for Programming Tasks Chris Parnin Georgia Tech Institute of Technology
  • Perceived Self-Efficacy and APIs John M. Daughtry and John M. Carroll The Pennsylvania State University

Teaching and Learning Programming

  • WIP | Enhancing Comprehension by Using Random Access Memory (RAM) Diagrams in Teaching Programming: Class Experiment Leonard J. Mselle The University of Dodoma, Tanzania
  • WIP | Evaluating Scratch to Introduce Younger Schoolchildren to Programming Amanda Wilson and David C. Moffat Glasgow Caledonian University
  • WIP | Students’ Early Attitudes and Possible Misconceptions about Programming David C. Moffat Georgia Tech Institute of Technology
  • Characterizing Comprehension of Concurrency Concepts Zhen Li, Zhe Zhao, and Eileen Kraemer University of Georgia
  • The Construction of the Concept of Binary Search Algorithm Sylvia da Rosa Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Teaching Novice Programmers Programming Wisdom Randy M. Kaplan Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Software Engineers and Practice

  • Project Kick-off with Distributed Pair Programming Edna Rosen, Stephan Salinger, and Christopher Oezbek Freie Universität Berlin
  • The use of MBTI in Software Engineering Rien Sach, Marian Petre, and Helen Sharp Open University
  • WIP | Confirmation Bias in Software Development and Testing: An Analysis of the Effects of Company Size, Experience and Reasoning Skills Gul Calikli, Berna Arslan, and Ayse Bener Bogazici University, Turkey
  • WIP | Enhancing User-Centredness in Agile Teams: A Study on Programmer’s Values for a better Understanding on how to Position Usability Methods in XP Michael Leitner, Peter Wolkerstorfer, Arjan Geven, and Manfred Tscheligi Center for Usability Research & Engineering

End-User Programming

  • A Logical Mind, not a Programming Mind: Psychology of a Professional End-User Alan F. Blackwell and Cecily Morrison Cambridge University
  • Empirically-Observed End-User Programming Behaviors in Yahoo! Pipes Matthew D. Dinmore and C. Curtis Boylls Johns Hopkins University
  • Bricolage Programming in the Creative Arts Alex McLean and Geraint Wiggins University of London