PPIG 2013 Work in Progress Workshop 8 Jul - 9 Jul 2013, Keele University, UK

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors
Work in Progress Analysing the effect of Natural Language Descriptions as a support for novice programmers Edgar Cambranes; Judith Good; Benedict du Boulay
Work in Progress Bringing Hereogeneous Computing to the End User Gordon Inggs
Work in Progress Computer Anxiety and the potential for mitigation Sarah J. Crabbe; Peter Andras
Work in Progress Increasing Student Confidence Throughout the Computer Science Curriculum John Trono
Work in Progress Integrating Connectivist Pedagogy with Context-Aware Interactions for the Interlinked Learning of Debugging and Programming Xiaokun Zhang
Work in Progress Neo-Piagetian Preoperational Reasoning in a Novice Programmer Raymond Lister; Donna Teague
Work in Progress Representational Formality in Computational Thinking Alistair G. Stead; Alan F. Blackwell
Work in Progress The cognitive difficulties of Description Logics Paul Warren; Trevor Collins; Paul Mulholland
Work in Progress Tools to Support Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering: Protocol for a Feature Analysis Chris Marshall; Pearl Brereton
Work in Progress Towards a Mechanism for Prompting Undergraduate Students to Consider Motivational Theories when Designing Games for Healthg Monica McGill
Work in Progress Towards Defining a Cognitive Linguistics of Programming and Using Eye Tracking to Verify its Claims Sebastian Lohmeier