PPIG 2013 Work in Progress Workshop 8 Jul - 9 Jul 2013, Keele University, UK

PPIG WIP 2013 Programme

  1. Computer Anxiety and the potential for mitigation Sarah Crabbe Newcastle University
  2. Neo-Piagetian Preoperational Reasoning in a Novice Programmer Raymond Lister University of Technology, Australia
  3. Increasing Student Confidence Throughout the Computer Science Curriculum John Trono Saint Michael’s College, USA
  4. The cognitive difficulties of Description Logics Paul Warren KMI, The Open University
  5. Towards Defining a Cognitive Linguistics of Programming and Using Eye Trackinf to Verify its Claims Sebastian Lohmeier Technische Universität, Berlin
  6. Representational Formality in Computational Thinking Alistair Stead Cambridge University
  7. Towards a Mechanism for Prompting Undergraduate Students to Consider Motivational Theories when Designing Games for Healthg Monica McGill Bradkey University, USA
  8. Analysing the effect of Natural Language Descriptions as a support for novice programmers Edgar Cambranes University of Sussex


  1. ? Gordon Rugg Keele University


Psychological Impact of 3D Intelligent Environments on Pedagogy Georgios Dafoulas, Noha Saleeb Middlesex University

  1. Tools to Support Systematic Literature Reviews in Software Engineering: Protocol for a Feature Analysis Chris Marshall Keele University
  2. Integrating Connectivist Pedagogy with Context-Aware Interactions for the Interlinked Learning of Debugging and Programming Xiaokun Zhang Athabasca University, Canada
  3. Bringing Hereogeneous Computing to the End User Gordon Inggs Imperial College London