PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop 15 - 17 July 2015, Bournemouth, UK

Every year, there are announced and unannounced contests at PPIG workshops.

Announced contests

  1. Use any of the following in your presentaton or question during the workshop. These are all related to Bournmouth.
  • balloon
  • zipwire
  • cherries
  1. Come up with a meaning of manual_lazy_haves as a variable name. (This came up in a presentation during the workshop about variable naming schemes.)


Clayton Lewis for hiding zipwire in letters in one of his slides (and later revealing them).

Advait Sarkar for including balloon, zipwire and cherry as subliminal pictures within his slides plus a tongue twister.

Simon Butler for including balloon, zipwire and cherry within his presentation.

Russel Winder for including balloon, zipwire and cherry the most obscurley in the presentation.

Richard Bornat for using manual_lazy_haves in his winning limerick.

Judy for being the most distinguished parent.

Marina Issac for three firsts: presented her first paper, at her first conference and she was first in the programme.

Simon Butler for neologism that led to a new prize (manual_lazy_haves).

Sylvia da Rosa for the longest trip to PPIG.

Giovanna Maria Dimitri for accepting avuncular advice and then organising a cheering crowd.

Martijn Stegeman for referring to Thos as a “dodgy chair” and to best management of a PPIG audience with “it’s up for discussion but not now”.

Angela Gosling for the Best Understatement Ever “I’m not an electronics person, I’m just a brain scientist”.

Clayton Lewis for finishing his lightning talk with time to spare.

Frank Wales for sneaking in an advert for Rice Krispies.

Winning Limerick by Richard Bornart

A notation including space colon
Is something a dog likes to roll on.
It stinks out the lab,
It flies like a crab.
My manual lazy haves “stroll on”.