PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop 15 - 17 July 2015, Bournemouth, UK

Writing limericks is an occasional pastime at PPIG workshops. These limericks were crowdsourced by attendees at the PPIG 2015 conference dinner.

Winning Limerick

A notation including space colon
Is something a dog likes to roll on.
It stinks out the lab,
It flies like a crab.
My manual lazy haves “stroll on”.


A unicorn born with five legs,
Laid manual_lazy_haves eggs.
When asked what they were,
He said with a purr,
In Ruby say “colon space”, dregs!

Cause for case

In Pia-got-ian induction,
A base case and stepwise production
Created such flow
You hardly would know
How actions could cause such a ruction.


Let’s obfuscate Clayton’s semantics
To stop his superlative antics.
As far as I know,
Mr. E. Allen Poe
Did all but dismiss his pedantics.

Space colon

A notation including space colon,
Like something a dog likes to roll on.
A test to declare,
CDs are laid bare,
Ruby’s a bad part to found a whole on.


There once was a naming convention,
For identifiers, drawing attention
To unparsable strings;
Detestable things!
A regularising invention.